Streamline Your Fleet Management with Routz

Routz is a powerful SaaS platform that provides schools and businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their fleet of vehicles.

Experience Real-Time Vehicle Tracking with Advanced GPS Technology

With Routz, you can track the location of your fleet vehicles in real time, giving you complete visibility and control



Keep an eye on your fleet’s movements and optimize routes for maximum efficiency

Stay updated on the exact whereabouts of your vehicles with our advanced GPS tracking system

Enhance Safety with Live Vehicle Images

Experience peace of mind with Routz’s ability to take live image from inside vehicles. Ensure the safety and security of your fleet operations



Ensure the security of your fleet operations by capturing live images from inside vehicles

Take live images from inside vehicles to enhance safety and security measures.

Get a Complete Overview of Your Fleet Operations with Our Comprehensive Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provides you with all the information you need to effectively manage your fleet. From real-time vehicle tracking to driver behavior monitoring, our dashboard offers a range of features to streamline your operations

Driver Behavior

Real-time Tracking

Monitor driver behavior and ensure safety and efficiency across your fleet

Track the location of your vehicles in real time and stay informed at all times

Unlock the Potential of Your Fleet with Routz's Powerful Features

Routz is a comprehensive fleet management platform that offers increased efficiency, improved safety, and reduced costs for businesses and schools

Improved Safety

Increased Efficiency

Monitor driver behavior, receive live images from inside vehicles, and enhance security measures

Track vehicles in real time, view live images, access a comprehensive dashboard, and more.

Stay Connected and Informed with Our Mobile Apps for Riders and Drivers

Our mobile apps for riders and drivers provide a seamless and convenient way to stay connected and informed. With our user-friendly interface, riders can easily request rides, track their vehicle’s location in real-time, and receive important notifications. Drivers can efficiently manage their assigned routes, view passenger details, and communicate with riders. Download our mobile apps today and experience the power of staying connected and informed on the go

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